Popular Stud Poker game is available at Guru Play

Seven Card Stud is a version of the Stud Poker game. In fact, it is the most popular version of the game. Enjoy playing poker at casinos suggested by bingohideaway.com site. The Seven Card Stud game is played between two and eight players. Each player will receive seven cards. Three of the cards will be given face down, while the other four cards will be face up. You have a clear goal in the game. You need to make your best five card hand with the combination of the seven cards you are dealt in the game playing at Bwin Casino online. The game features five betting rounds.

It is important to understand the terms. Otherwise, you may feel a bit confused. The betting rounds have certain names. Likewise, the game features so-called ante bets. The ante is 1/5 of the low limit bet. You need to ante up before you begin to play. You can make high and low hands to win all the pot, or even a part of it. You will have an umber of options during the game. You can use the following actions; folding, bring-in, and the raising option or enjoy playing Online Bingo game.

If you would like to Play Seven Card Stud game, you should register an account at the website with good Banking options. The process only takes a few seconds. You will then be ready to make a deposit using of the payment methods such as; Visa, MasterCard, Delta, EntroPay, Visa Electron, Moneybookers, and a few others. The e-mail address is provided on the site. You can also contact Guru Play by regular phone.