How to Play Online Bingo

Bingo is a very social game that requires little in the way of skill but plenty of patience. Play bingo at site by It is played at social events and in bingo halls all over the world and online venues are getting on board to offer bingo to anyone, in the privacy of their own homes.

The Bingo Card

The bingo card is virtualized in online settings, but its general format is still the same and enjoy the benefit of online bingo. A game of bingo consists of 75 total numbers and a single card will have a total of 25. Numbers 1-15 are under the letter B, numbers 16-30 are under the letter I, the letter N has numbers 31-45, G is associated with 46-60 and numbers 61-75 are under the letter O. Of course, each card only contains a third of the total numbers, so winning can be tricky.

Playing Bingo

After each player has chosen the number of virtual cards to play and the pattern that must be completed, they will mark off individual numbers as they are called out by the 'croupier'. The numbers are randomly generated and provided to the players in their alphanumeric format, such as I-17 or G-54. Players must search their cards for the proper value and mark it with the mouse. Once the required pattern has been made, players will click the 'bingo' button and claim their prizes after making right choice.


The most common pattern for bingo is a straight line consisting of five numbers, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Other patterns exist and seek to make the game more exciting, and these include covering all four corners, the outside border of the card, a U shape, a T shape and many, many more. Players can even choose to participate in different types of bingo games at the same time, though the total number of cards a player can have at once is dictated by the computer software at casinos like Global Live Casino.

Online bingo is played in the exact same manner as the game found in bingo halls, but it is definitely more convenient. Players can log in at any time of the day and enjoy the type of bingo game they enjoy the most.